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      Ningbo Yingzhou Micro&special Motor Factory is specialized in producing electric motor and valve hysteresis manufacturers. Company R & D, manufacturing, sales and service for one, to register the trademark "Huahong" brand.
      Hysteresis motor is the electric valve is the "heart", the electric valve is also an important part of energy-saving building automation of the cold heating system. Produced by the company's TZ-500 Series hysteresis motors and VA-7010 series electric valve specifications, good quality. Hysteresis motor products through UL and 3C certification, so that users get a security guarantee.
      Parts is an important guarantee of product quality, the key is to master the core technology conditions. The core components of hysteresis motors and electric valve designed and manufactured by the company, and won the national "patent." Excellent precision equipment is the basis of product quality. The company has a precision CNC lathes, precision stamping machines, automatic winding machine, automatic plug-axis machines, flow-automatic motor assembly machines, and hysteresis motors, electric valve test equipment.
      The company has been focused, professional good hysteresis motors and electric valves, and has a strong professional, dedicated team of excellent products sold domestically and exported to the United States and Canada.
      The company first-class quality, superior service, reasonable prices and striving pioneer in the field of automation. And sincerely look forward to your visit.